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Welcome to Exit Strategy Bracelets


We are a small business in Nashville, TN. We hand make bracelets that are meant to help someone escape unlawful detention example: kidnap, hostage situations, home invasions etc. we utilize 550 paracord for the bracelet and then hide a handcuff key and shim/ micro saw. the 550 paracord is used as a friction saw to cut through zip cuffs, tape, strings, ropes or most non metallic restraints. the shim/ micro saw can be used to shim handcuffs/zip cuffs, and or saw through some forms of restraints. the handcuff key is used for handcuffs especially ones that are double locked as this is the only guaranteed way to get out of them. website coming soon. for orders pm us here or our email is exitstrategybracelets@gmail.com we can do most any color combination available.